Why Swanson?

Swanson Traditional School, a premier academic institution, has consistently earned top scores for IREAD-3 and ILEARN State assessments, solidifying our reputation as a top-tier school. At Swanson, students thrive in a nurturing and familial environment, fostering academic excellence and exemplary behavior.

Swanson ensures students have ample opportunities for personal growth and enrichment by offering diverse extracurricular activities, including robotics, Girls on The Run, Student Council, patrol, and choir.

Swanson embodies excellence in education with dedicated educators, exceptional students, and supportive families. The school achieves remarkable academic progress in Reading and Math, showcasing our commitment to student success.

Adding to our charm, Swanson features the picturesque Shadow Garden, catering to the interests of the Ornithologist, and provides peaceful playground activities for all students to enjoy.

The school's vibrant community spirit is further enhanced by the active involvement of its Parent Teacher Organization, contributing to a collaborative and enriching educational experience.

Embodying the spirit of leadership, loyalty, and love, Swanson proudly embraces its identity as the home of the Scottie Scholars, where everyone is valued and celebrated.