From the Principal

Mrs. TroyerMy commitment is to make Swanson Traditional School a place of excellence. Through my passion for leading, learning, and teaching, I am inspired to help bring great success to the students and staff.  I’m excited about the work I do and the people I serve while being the Principal at Swanson. As the Instructional Leader, my focus is to support and inspire our exceptional teachers while they provide an engaging, challenging, and joyful learning experience for children. My goal is to create a school culture where all students, families, and community members feel welcomed, where we treat each other with compassion and kindness, and where we all strive for excellence. My priority is that all children thrive and believe they are capable of accomplishing anything, so there are no limits to how far they can go and grow.  Let me be the first to say, welcome to the Swanson Family and I hope to inspire you along the way!

-Mrs. Troyer